Polygel nail enhancements

Polygel brings the benefits of both traditional hard gel and acrylic. It is lighter, kinder and has a softer smell! It can be applied to either an artificial nail enhancement or the natural nail bed, creating an immediate veneer that will strengthen the nail and promote natural growth.

The polygel is applied to the nail from a tube. The moulding solution is then worked into the polygel with a brush and your therapist will create the shape that you want. 

Beautiful, healthier nails!

Natural extensions £35.00
French extensions £38.00
Shellac over £7.00
Infills from £25.00
Soak and rebalance £18.00

Polygel nails are suitable for everyone! But if you are unsure, have any questions or need some advice please contact the salon.

Polygel Nails



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